Why I'm choosing to stop writing this newsletter on such a frequent basis
How to know when to double down on projects, when to experiment with changes, when to put them on autopilot, when to pivot them, and when to kill them.
The rare assets that former founders have and the jobs that need those assets the most
An argument for finding distribution based on first identifying your ideal content medium, not the other way around.

August 2021

How side projects can make you better at your day job
How entrepreneurs can generate more momentum by managing perception and expectations
How resilience – which is better than persistence – can be worked on.
And how like any skill, it can be learned
Why forgoing value extraction leads to a bigger pie for everyone and more serendipitous outcomes

July 2021

Being persuasive is a skill that enables entrepreneurs to be good at the many hats they wear; here's how persuasiveness breaks down and how it can be…
How you can use false starts to take ownership of your career narrative – rather than trying to push forward after a slow start
Being intentional about acquiring credentials that will help with future endeavors