Sitemap - 2021 - Getting Shots Up

Choosing optionality over arbitrary goals

Generating Momentum Part II: a portfolio approach to building momentum

Jobs where former founders have unique advantage

Content medium-distribution fit

Side projects as cross-training

Generating Momentum Part I: Managing perceived momentum

Resilience as an entrepreneurial skill

Why resourcefulness is the most important skill for entrepreneurs

Value creation vs. value extraction

Persuasiveness as a skill

Claiming false starts instead of pushing through slow starts

Assessing and acquiring the credentials to accelerate careers

Creating artifacts that accelerate your career

Consistency without experimentation is a treadmill

Developing domain expertise by reducing writing surface area

Building a portable audience

Unpacking VFA's secret sauce in getting 20somethings to start companies

Nobody cares about what you're building

How agents, communities, and collectives are helping entrepreneurs diversify

Evaluating side projects to improve their returns

You're moving on from your startup. Now what?

Part II: Cultivating superpowers to maximize career trajectory (self-evaluation)

Cultivating superpowers to maximize career trajectory

Being mentally ready to start a company

Dealing with risk asymmetry between founders and investors

7 aspiring founder personas

How startup failure can help founders expel toxic traits

Don’t look for co-founders; make friends

Preserving optionality to find harmony

Why entrepreneurs should improve their writing

Side projects as a lever for professional growth

The inaccessibility of entrepreneurship and using side projects as a back door

Entrepreneurship is a skill, not a switch to flip

Three Rules of Entrepreneurial Diversification

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Founder/Product/Market fit

Maximizing entrepreneurial progress by systematically de-risking

Making progress on ventures before even starting

Everyone is an Investor